Dyslexia and Me: It’s Personal

“If you are having issues with your dyslexic kids and their personal hygiene, I would suggest that nagging is not the best option. It leads to frustration and temper tantrums (speaking from my own personal experiences). Instead, look for alternatives.

Is it because they forget and need a structured routine like a regular shower before bedtime/first thing in the morning?

Maybe routine isn’t the answer, maybe a note on the back of a door to remind them to brush their teeth would be an option, though it may feel rather patronising for older kids

Maybe it’s for sensory reasons, maybe the sound, taste, smell, texture, feel is what puts them off. Face wipes or a change of toothpaste may be worth trying out.

Is it because they feel there’s something else they could be doing? Perhaps getting a waterproof radio for the bathroom to listen to in the shower?”

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Source: thedyslexicstudent.wordpress.com

See on Scoop.itdyslexia


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