Dyslexic Lawyer David Boies – The Power Of Dyslexia

“When taking these enormous accomplishments into consideration, one might think that David Boies was successful in school and academics from the onset of preschool and kindergarten, but he has actually struggled with Dyslexia for his entire life. It might seem hard to believe that the man who didn’t learn to read until third grade and who struggled on timed exams and often scored poorly could become one of the nation’s top lawyers representing clients such as Al Gore, the United States Justice Department in its antitrust suit against Microsoft and gay and lesbian clients in a challenge to California’s Proposition 8, which banned same sex marriage. Through hard work and dedication, paired with strategies that help Boies navigate the complex reading tasks required for law school and a career as an attorney, Boies has found a way of becoming one of the most successful professionals in his field despite his life long learning disability.”

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Source: www.thepowerofdyslexia.com

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