5 Common Myths About Dysgraphia

“Are you unsure if what you’re hearing about dysgraphia is accurate? If so, it’s not surprising. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around. Without the right information, it’s hard to support a child with dysgraphia. Here, we set the facts straight by debunking five common myths about dysgraphia and writing difficulties.

Myth #1: Messy handwriting is a sure sign of dysgraphia.

Fact: Although many people with dysgraphia have poor, hard-to-read handwriting, not all do. In fact, some can write neatly—even though it might take them a lot of time and effort. There are other signs of dysgraphia besides sloppy handwriting. They include slow, labored writing and inappropriately sized and spaced letters.”

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Source: ncld.org

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