Tips to Become a Strategic Learner

“To become active learners, three things need to happen:

1. Students (as well as teachers and parents) need to recognize their unique strengths (often referred to as “learning styles” or “preferences”) and challenges (i.e. disorders of attention) and be able to articulate and act upon them in mindful ways

2. Students (in partnership with parents and teachers) need to set reasonable expectations for achievement that take into consideration such things as:

  •    Timelines for getting work done (this is especially critical if a student is far behind his classmates)
  •    How much 1:1 or small group time is available to provide targeted assistance, either during the school day or after school hours
  •    Distractions (i.e., attention difficulties, after-school activities) that might interfere with studying independently or keeping to a schedule of progress

3. Students need to develop a repertoire of effective strategies that help to streamline the learning process and that effectively prepare them to demonstrate and remember what they have learned.”

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