Dyslexia and Me: A is for Awareness and Ability

“Music is my ‘superpower’ that I was given in the dyslexia package, but there are many different abilities in the dyslexia box (that sounded very weird to me too… Just go with it…). Richard Branson is an outstanding entrepreneur, Whoopi Goldberg is a brilliant and funny actress, Albert Einstein was a phenomenal scientist, Steven Spielberg is an amazing director. Dyslexia is not a ‘one size fits all’. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. It’s being able to push forward our abilities to the forefront that is important and getting the right help where we struggle.

Would I give up my dyslexia? Hell no! And lose my superpowers? I’d rather not thank you very much! I just have to be aware of my kryptonite and either find away around it or a way to deal with it in a more manageable way!”

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Source: thedyslexicstudent.wordpress.com

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