Is it Reversal or Dyslexia?

“There’s no evidence that dyslexics literally “see” letters backward or in reverse order within words. Letter reversals, on the other hand, are hardly distinctive to dyslexia and it is common for children age six and younger to do both backward writing and letter reversal.”

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One thought on “Is it Reversal or Dyslexia?

  1. Where does is say any of us right backwards or forwards?
    Where does it state that reading in the conventional method (way we are taught) is the correct manner in which to read?
    I challenge anyone to find point to the origination of where it states we MUST read a certain way? I can tell you that I can read 2x as fast in processing upside down..and comprehend more of what I read sideways. While I realize this is a bit off the original point of the article (by the way, I do enjoy reading these articles here). I have been fortunate to met Stephen and Susan Round of http://www.PiReading in Rhode Island and interviewed, worked with and shared some very simply tools. They are currently being studied by MIT. I would love to have so insight if you have any.


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