Interview Study with New Nurses with Learning Disabilities

I recently received an email from Michelle Cook who is a doctoral student and nurse educator at Regis College in Weston, MA. She currently conducting research study on new nurses with learning disabilities and wanted to spread the word about the study. The study consists of an interview that can be done in person or remotely using Skype or Face Time. I have pasted information below about eligibility and goals of the study. Check it out to see if you or anyone you know may qualify:

“A nurse educator and doctoral student would like to interview new Registered Nurses with learning disabilities to describe their transition into practice experience.

The interview should take about 45 minutes and there is no cost other than your time. As a gesture of appreciation participants will receive a $10 coffee gift card.

The study has been approved by Regis College IRB and all information is confidential. 

If interested or if you know of anyone who may qualify please email the researcher at

Below is a more detailed description about the study:

“Ask any nurse what it was like to move from the role of a student to that of a new nurse and I bet you’ll get an earful. Transition into nursing practice is tough. The amount of information a new nurse must process causes the transition period to be overwhelming and extremely stressful, yet the need to be accepted as a capable peer is key for a successful transition.

Now, imagine transitioning as a new nurse with a learning disability. Currently there is no information on this particular group of nurses who are often hidden among us. As students nurses they are hardworking, cautious practitioners who very likely will carry that attention to detail and work ethic with them as they enter the work force.

Information about how they experience transition is not only valuable information for nurse leaders, but could also assist all new nurses as they enter their professional role.

If you are a new nurse with a learning disability or if you know someone who is, please email me for more information at

–Rita W. El-Haddad



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