Download the Free Learning Disability Checklist

The Learning Disability Checklist is another great free resource available for download by the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

By clicking on this link, you can access the checklist (June 7th, 2017: link has been updated and will lead to a PDF of the checklist).

What is nice about the checklist is that it covers a wide variety of issues that may constitute signs of a learning disability for all ages. The ages range from preschool to adulthood and each list of characteristics is put in a separate category header (Reading, Attention, Math, etc.) so you can easily determine what pattern of difficulties you (or the person of interest) may be experiencing.

This checklist is not a diagnostic tool. As written by Sheldon Horowitz on the checklist itself: “The following checklist is designed as a helpful guide and not as a tool to pinpoint specific learning disabilities. The more characteristics you check, the more likely that the individual described is at risk for (or shows signs of) learning disabilities.”

Be sure to download the checklist here and share with others.

–Rita W. El-Haddad


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