‘Dyslexia’ Is A Meaningless Label And Should Be Ditched

From the Article: “Elliott’s argument is that dyslexia is so misused it encompasses virtually any difficulty where there is a discrepancy between reading performance and IQ. Although the numbers involved have not been quantified, an estimated 5-10% of the population are classed as dyslexic.

But far from helping children, a dyslexia diagnosis could get in the way of the targeted support they need. By taking a wide range of difficulties under its umbrella, it makes it harder to find specific solutions for specific problems. The elevation of diagnosis into the key to unlocking extra help also disadvantages those who have not been diagnosed, but whose reading difficulties are just as severe.”

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My personal view: I disagree that dyslexia is a “meaningless” label and that it does more harm than good. However, I do agree with this one point: “Children who struggle to read should not need a diagnosis before they get help.”

–Rita W. El-Haddad

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10 Helpful Dyslexia Resources

“Where else can you seek reliable assistance and information about dyslexia? The following resources will help you learn more about dyslexia and find local help. You can also use NCLD’s Resource Locator to find programs in your local area.

Bookshare: Bookshare is an accessible online library for people with dyslexia and other disabilities. Over 160,000 titles are available, and membership is free for students.

DyslexiaHelp at the University of Michigan: DyslexiaHelp is designed to help you understand and learn about dyslexia and language disability. Visit their site for a wealth of information for individuals with dyslexia, parents and professionals. If you’ve ever wondered about celebrities who have dyslexia, be sure to check out their “Dyslexia Success Stories” section.”

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Announcing the Karina Eide Memorial Awards Programs for Dyslexic Students, Ages 7-17

Taken from the Dyslexic Advantage Newsletter – October 3, 2014

“Wanted: Amazing Dyslexic Students! Spread the Word!

Dyslexic Advantage is proud to announce two new annual awards programs that will be available for dyslexic students!

The first is the Karina Eide Young Dyslexic Writers Awards Program, which is organized in partnership with the Writers’ Studio. This program features a junior division for younger students, ages 7-13, and a senior division for students ages 14-17. It’s goal is to encourage excellence in creative expression through words, and it will accept writing in three categories: fan fiction, other creative fiction, and poetry. Writers of the winning submissions in each category will receive cash awards, and an online meeting with poet Philip Schultz.

The second is the Karina Eide Courage and Compassion Award. This award will honor two dyslexic high school students (one male, and one female) who despite significant personal adversity have shown consistent personal courage and focus on and compassion for others. Winners of these awards will receive a cash award and funding for the student and one parent to attend our annual dyslexia leadership conference.

A picture of the flyer is available below. Download additional flyers for your school HERE. Apply and upload stories HERE.”

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The Codpast: Right Brained Stories from Interesting Individuals

“In his late-twenties Sean was diagnosed with Dyslexia; a diagnosis that changed his life in unimaginable ways. After meeting other dyslexics who stories touched, inspired and angered him, Sean created The Codpast to share those stories with a wider audience.The Codpast is a groundbreaking interview based talk show where ordinary people share events from their extraordinary lives; getting to grips with and tackling the issues that others shy away from. If you’re interested in the human condition from an angle you’ve never heard, The Codpast is a listening must!”

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Eddie Izzard: Win a sausage (and learn about dyslexia)

“To mark Dyslexia Awareness Week, the Driver Youth Trust are launching a new website for the Drive for Literacy programme http://driveforliteracy.co.uk alongside a new campaign to engage teachers and parents called #YouKnowADyslexic launched by Eddie Izzard, who is himself dyslexic.”

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Training teachers to help identify dyslexia

“Should teachers in New York State be trained to recognize students with dyslexia? Many parents say “yes”…“I will push to my last breath to get legislation passed – because if we can help one more child, if we can get one more school that has its teacher trained in this, we can save their life,” said Deb Rafferty. Legislation is expected to be introduced again in January for the third time, for a bill to train teachers how to recognize kids with dyslexia.”

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